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About Chromagen™

Chromagen Europe is the official European and Worldwide distributor of Chromagen .
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ChromaGen™ is patented, trademarked and FDA Cleared. The patented diagnostic system is used by trained professionals for the management of Academic Skills Disorder (ASD™). ASD™ is an umbrella term that includes dyslexia, color deficiency, dyspraxia (lack of coordination; clumsiness), and other learning related difficulties. In some cases, ChromaGen has also been known to help migraine sufferers. ChromaGen is a system of eight colored haploscopic filters of a known density and color hue which, when prescribed to sufferers of ASD™, has been proven to improve these disorders.

ChromaGen™ & Dyslexia

ChromaGen™ and Dyslexia

Reading discomfort often referred to as dyslexia is a condition in which affected people are unable to “grasp the meaning of written or printed words and sentences” or “to read more than a few lines with understanding.” It is believed that Dyslexia could be a visual disorder as well as a neurological disorder due to Magnocellular system abnormality. Problems can show themselves in reading, writing, number work, short-term memory, hand control and visual processing. Timekeeping, sense of direction and interpersonal skills can also be affected. Approximately 16 percent of the over 292 million people in the United States are affected by some form of reading disorder that cannot be corrected by optical correction (powered lenses).

ChromaGen is a unique system of colored lenses for dyslexia. It provides a quick and reliable screening test for visual dyslexia. When the patient selects the right color combination during the assessment an immediate improvement can be experienced including clearer text, ease of reading and word and number recognition. As a result, text typically becomes clearer and stays still on the page.

Dyslexic users

Dyslexic users of ChromaGen have reported

“When I read, I don’t miss lines out as I used to and this means I am faster at reading. And when I write I don’t miss out words.” – Thomas (age 7)

“My speed of reading increased at once and I was able to read without so much fatigue. The glare off the page had gone and my eyes were soothed.” – Linda (age 46)

“Instead of seeing a mass of undecipherable text, I can now see the individual words.” – Sonsoles Herras (age 40), Madrid

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